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Tai Davis is a visual artist and chef focusing on fine art prints and cake installations exploring the boundaries between food and art. He is self-taught and gathers most of his inspiration from alchemic principles and nature. He attended Southern Illinois University, for music performance and has been cooking professional for 9 years. His artistic platform Sacred Geometry was released in 2019, along with his first coffee table book entitled Tai Davis [Pastry].

I never set off on some life changing quest to become an artist, far from it…art found me.


From a very young age, I’ve always had the inclination to look past what’s present and to dig deeper and, with my art, I do just this. I find shapes, colors, and patterns within the food I create that represents the embodiment of that particular dish. This sometimes can be a very difficult thing to do because cooking and eating is intimately experiential. Food is also usually judged based on taste, smell, and textures., however I’ve chosen to represent this intimacy between food and the creative process visually. Rather than taking a simple photograph of a plate of food, I choose parts from the whole to represent visually the emotions, flavors, textures and thoughts I encounter while constructing my dishes. Through this bridge, I hope that people can appreciate creative process menu conceptualization entails and garner a better understanding of food through abstract expression.

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